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Your Solar PV Installation will be carried out by our in-house Engineers here at Securcom Solar. We don’t employ sub-contractors, all our work is carried out and maintained by our own specialist team. We also follow up every installation with a 24/7 call out promise, and are happy to take on any existing systems- whether that be to upgrade the system to meet MCS standards, or on going Maintenance.

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What is Solar PV

Photovoltaic (PV) cells placed between silicone layers make up solar panels. Each layer has a different set of electronic characteristics, which, when exposed to sunlight's photons, produce an electric field. The electricity produced by this "photoelectric effect" is routed through an inverter and either sent to the solar-panel-connected property or straight to the National Grid.

Kilowatts Peak (kWp), the rate at which energy is produced at peak efficiency in direct sunlight, is the unit of measurement for a PV cell's power. Yet, because solar panels are sensitive to the visible portion of the light spectrum, they will be producing electricity even under low light conditions.

Many forms and sizes are available for PV panels.

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Securcom Solar - Case Studies

Solar PV Installation

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Securcom Solar - Case Studies

Solar PV Installation

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